Security is now a top priority for travellers when choosing a holiday destination or a hotel. In response Cristal International Standards is delivering the SecurityCheck Standard to hotels who are taking their guests security seriously. Developed in association with the travel industry and security experts, SecurityCheck provides any hotel with a frame work under which they can effectively manage security in their premises.


In the last 3 years business travellers, holiday makers and hotel guests have been attacked in Paris, Barcelona, Marseilles, Manchester, London, Las Vegas, Tunisia, Egypt and many many more locations. Holiday resorts and hotels are now being targeted by criminals and extremists for attack.

Unfortunately it is essential that hotels now take security seriously. This means implementing process and procedures to increase guest safety by reducing the chances of their hotel being targeted.

Cristal International Standards has developed a team of experts, backed up by the E-Cristal Online Management System, who are now advising leading players in the travel world about what can be done to improve the safety and security of all our holidays and business trips.


Management commitment and resourcing

This is at local and global levels to ensure that the correct people are given responsibility, authority and resource to ensure that the security arrangements are established and effective.

Risk assessment

Looking at all forms of security risk, from robbery and fi re through to assault and terror attacks. These assessments should be compiled using a variety of data sources and regularly reviewed (far more frequently than other risk categories) to ensure dynamic threat protection. This will correlate incident data with foreseeability.

Security plan

A detailed security plan should be developed based on each risk assessment to ensure that adequate control measures are in place. SecurityCheck ensures that a plan has been created and has been fully implemented.

Security manual

This document should detail the rules, roles and procedures for the security department of the hotel and contains a full management commitment to security and SecurityCheck ensures that is then communicated and implemented properly.

Personnel and training

This covers all aspects of recruitment, staff ratios, staff competence and training. Security skills dependent on role and threat levels is critical to ensure the successful and consistent operation of the security arrangements.

Personnel Safety

This covers the policies and procedures associated with the protection of staff against risks such as violence in the workplace, criminal acts etc.

Physical Security – Area / Patrol Security

This covers all the various operations / functions within the hotel and how these should be managed with regard to security.

Physical Security – Systems and Equipment

This covers those items of equipment and systems that are used in conjunction with the security plan to protect the hotel, ranging from fi re / emergency evacuation systems through to panic alarms and CCTV systems.


In the face of increased security needs of all travellers and holidaymakers, ABTA has launched the following advice and awareness videos for tour operators, travellers and hoteliers globally. Simply choose the language subtitles best for you (all videos are in English with different language subtitles).





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It’s your business, protect it by reducing risk to guests


Industry innovators Check Safety First Ltd and Argent Health & Safety Ltd are joining forces to support their clients drive for improved safety standards.


Check Safety First Ltd, through its operating brand Cristal International Standards, delivers security, hygiene & safety risk management systems to hotels worldwide.

Argent Health and Safety Ltd, provides Tour Operators and Bed Banks with a full due diligence health & safety auditing service for thousands of hotels annually.

The global safety & security of travellers and holiday makers is an ever increasingly important part of the travel market. Cristal and Argent currently, and independently, provide a strong offering across the whole spectrum of the global travel sector. Now, by working together, they will be able to offer an unrivalled full service portfolio to the whole travel industry. As part of the Check Safety First group Argent will now have access to over 110 qualified and employed auditors globally.

Argent will continue to operate as a separate limited company within the Check Safety First group under the stewardship of Claire McKinney, Managing Director

Stephen Tate, Chairman of CSF comments "Argent Health & Safety has long been the brand leader for health & safety auditing services to the UK travel trades. Argent Health & Safety compliments Cristal International Standards and increases our overall group presence in the global travel market. Argent will also now benefit from Check Safety First group resources, enabling further growth and strengthening of the Argent business model, not only in the UK but in other key EU travel markets. We are delighted to welcome the Argent team to the Check Safety First group."

Tim Oliver, Chairman of Argent, added. "We believe that it has never been more important than now to reassure the travelling public that they can expect good standards and a safe environment whenever they travel around the world. Working closely with Check Safety First we now have an increased capability and a huge depth of resource which will enable us to deliver our audit programme alongside an enhanced hygiene service, which is something our clients have been looking for.

Both Argent and Check Safety First have a proud history of responding to client needs and this is another step on that journey."

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