Auditing & Advisory

At Intertek Cristal, we provide more than an audit/inspection report or a certificate: we give you the tools to manage & minimize business risk while assessing the effectiveness of your processes in managing environmental aspects in real time.

We will apply our knowledge and experience in auditing your organization to deliver a focused, detail-oriented audit. As always, our auditors will not only be gathering evidence of conformance but will look to identify best practices and areas for improvement. Intertek Cristal’s approach to risk management is based on promoting awareness and education.

Risk management and mitigation efforts can only be successful if the true state of operations, management systems, behaviours, and ways of working are transparently assessed. However, undertaking an independent audit can cause apprehension amongst management and frontline workers and lead to a lack of transparency in regard to the true state of operations. Intertek Cristal’s audit methodology is based on promoting awareness, education and corrective action rather than assigning fault or blame. This approach enables us to establish mutual trust and confidence in the outcomes of the auditing process.

We provide advisory services and subject matter expertise across a broad spectrum of risk categories and support our clients to proactively manage hospitality-related risk. This includes developing operational and supplier assessments, safety management systems, governance policies and procedures, training, etc. We are also often called upon to provide subject matter expertise in legal proceedings, incident investigations, and industry policy development in partnership with associations such as ABTA, FCDO, etc.