Emergency Response & Incident Investigation

When responding to an incident or emergency situation, time is a critical factor in eliminating / minimising the impact to your organisation.

Intertek Cristal have a global network of experts that can be called upon to not only assist in the development of your emergency and incident management systems, but also be in place to help you where and when you need it most. Intertek Cristal is often engaged to assist during emergencies or investigate serious incidents for our clients, particularly where these situations are complex, and could lead to potential claims / prosecution. Having an Intertek Cristal expert on site, or co-ordinating efforts via our InView remote connection tool could make all the difference as to the effectiveness or your response.

Each significant emergency or incident that occurs or is avoided should be subjected to an investigation process that ensures that your organisation learns and benefits from it. Intertek Cristal can provide their experience in conducting these investigations to maximise the outcome and integrate the learning into implementable changes in policies, procedures and practices. The provision of experienced and independent investigation services can allow the business to focus on core business activities whilst our team or experts work with you to understand, learn from and ultimately move forward from emergencies and incidents that would normally tie up valuable resource.

Emergency preparedness and crisis management is necessary as a way to prevent and mitigate unwanted events that may disturb the daily operation of your company. In the event of an accident or high potential incident, you can ensure that your company learns and benefits most from such events by performing an investigation that is in accordance with national and international regulations and expectations of insurance companies.

Intertek Cristal experts utilise a systematic approach to emergency preparedness, response and incident investigation that involves a detailed review of the event, and where safety management systems acted effectively or otherwise. Working with your team in a collaborative and supportive style will allow us to ensure that blame avoidance and obstructions do not hinder the goal of refining and improving how your organisation avoids similar situations in the future or has the most effective mechanisms in place to minimise their frequency and impact.