Expert Testimony & Claims Management

A resilient brand is supported by systems that can quickly respond when a challenge arises and ideally be proactive enough to prevent them.

Intertek Cristal ensure that the organisation has addressed the critical control points within its risk management systems and where necessary provides the support and the tools to effectively deal with claims and their potential sources.

The best defence against a claim is to be able to demonstrate that the organisation was duly diligent in its risk management activities.

Where Intertek Cristal excels is in the ability to not only help an organisation identify all the areas requiring action but to provide recommendations and a mechanism by which that action can be recorded and demonstrated when necessary.

Due Diligence

Intertek Cristal conduct regular gap analysis audits on the risk management activities of our clients. Where an area requiring improvement is identified detailed recommendations are provided and the corrective action undertaken is recorded to demonstrate complete due diligence.

Claims Defence

The E-Cristal system if used correctly is the perfect basis for claim defence. Every corrective action taken and the audit trail associated with regular auditing and improvement programmes is captured, recorded and reportable within the system to provide a very clear defence.

Expert Witness

Intertek Cristal has a team of subject matter experts that can be called upon to either support / clarify information from the E-Cristal system that is used in a legal defence, or provide independent expert opinion on matter pertinent to a claim or case.