Training & eLearning

Intertek Cristal's experts have the experience to assure your key staff, management, and suppliers will be up to date on key compliance issues, technical expertise, and more.

Trained and competent personnel are the foundation of any organisation. From becoming brand ambassadors, to consistently delivering an exceptional guest experience, to effectively and capably responding to health and safety incidents, the importance of a robust learning and development program cannot be stressed enough.


In recent years, e-learning has gained increasing popularity due to its ease of use, cost savings potential, and the operational gains online learning delivers. Intertek Cristal’s e-learning offerings cater to the learning needs of both management personnel and frontline workers. Our pedagogical approach is based on the fundamentals of adult learning theory and optimal retention of content.


Intertek Cristal’s ethos to learning and development is that it is essential to distinguish between trained personnel and competent personnel. The best outcomes are achieved when organisations recognize that personnel not only require training, but also require opportunities to develop and refine role-specific competencies.

Instructor-Led Training

Our faculty consists of instructors who are widely regarded as authorities in their respective areas of expertise. Specialties include epidemiology, hygiene control, food science and safety, microbiology, security, sustainability, and risk management. Our educators are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise through instructor led training, workshops and the application of technology to educate learners across the globe.

Remote Mentorship

The application of technology and innovation opens a wide range of possibilities to connect with Intertek Cristal’s global workforce of professionals. Whether it is learning how to avoid cross-contamination between raw or high-risk foods during preparation or ensuring your hotel is adequately safeguarded from terrorist threats, our team of experts can provide on-the-job training and remote mentorship to personnel.