Risk Management Software

E-Cristal is an assurance software solution designed to support an end-to-end risk management process specific to the risk inherent to travel, tourism and hospitality.

E-Cristal enables you to gain a deeper understanding of risk exposure across all operational activities and facilitates the mitigation of these risks. This platform was engineered by our subject matter experts that have more than 50 years’ experience in the sector.

The E-Cristal system is an integrated data collection, reporting and visualization solution that affords organizations the power and the protection of effectively managing the full spectrum of risk across their operations.

E-Cristal has been developed as a SaaS (Software as a service) offering and does not require installation or local configuration. System onboarding is handled via a combination of customised training guides, data sheets, FAQs and resources, remote training & support, and on-site support if desired.

Our solution also includes an integrated app which facilitates the collection and input of audit observation data. In situations where a stable network connection is not available, the app functions in off-line mode and will synchronize data inputs once the connection is restored. This is an essential capability when collecting data in back-of-house areas, freezers, storage rooms, boiler rooms, etc

Data Visualisation Dashboard

The ECristal dashboard utilises PowerBI to create insightful data visualisations of your key performance indicators and allows for real-time monitoring of risk management activity. Each element of your dashboard is designed to provide a dynamic overview of risk management, regardless of the geographical distribution or operational language of your locations. Flexible filters and benchmarking tools allow you to focus and compare a level of information that would previously have been overwhelming or misleading. The dashboard allows managers to spend their valuable time dealing with easily identified exceptions or critical areas, without being bogged down in the data.

Audit Management System

Management involvement / commitment to the risk management process requires senior members of the team to be fully briefed on the outcome of the Cristal audits. To ensure that audits are correctly closed out and the hotel senior management understands the audit findings E-Cristal now includes a signoff process that requires a debrief with a responsible person to confirm the audit.

Corrective Action Management

One of the fundamental principles of E-Cristal is the creation of corrective actions that constitute a due diligence position when these are seen to be done and issues rectified. E-Cristal allows the users to attach files or images to a task as evidence of progress or completion. This greatly improves the strength of the corrective action management and also allows remote management to get a far clearer understanding of what has been done and whether it is satisfactory.

Document Management System

The management of documentation in E-Cristal designed to be flexible and allows users with appropriate access rights to upload and tag documents for their colleagues. The system allows them to set clear criteria for the visibility of these documents and ensures the right people only see what they need and what they have permission to see.

Notification / Alerts

E-Cristal has several possible notification conditions that give users the flexibility to determine how and when they receive notification. For example a user can now set a personalised notification criteria to warn them if a score for a particular audit deviates beyond a certain level, and then have that notification emailed to them directly and also appear on a user specific notification panel on their E-Cristal login. This allows users to focus on their key functions and tasks whilst knowing that E-Cristal is watching over their risk management system, and that will let them know when they need to divert attention to a critical issue.

The E-Cristal portal is designed to act as a hub for the user to see at a glance what action has or needs to be taken that they may want to interact with. This provides a necessary filter to all the information within the system and again allows users to go directly to what is important and save time.

Dynamic Scoring / Flexible Audit Scoring Methodologies

The audit score generated by the E-Cristal system is a snapshot at a particular point, which is validated by a qualified auditor. A new feature of E-Cristal is that along with the validated auditor score it is also now possible to see the dynamic score based on the completion of tasks / corrective actions. This means that if a property was marked down by 5% due a specific task or group of tasks that, when these are completed, the system will automatically recalculate the dynamic score based on this activity. This significantly improves motivation of the users and allows senior management to have another tool for judging performance. For example, a property that scored 67% at the time of the audit could also be showing a dynamic score of 90% due to serious effort from the users to act on the corrective actions.

E-Cristal expands on the methods of score calculation and offers considerable flexibility in how a score can be calculated. The use of weightings, non-scored and algorithms has been included in all audit types and it is now possible to create audit types that truly reflect the various priorities placed on certain issues.