Cristal International Standards | Quality & Risk Management Leaders


Cristal International Standards are global leaders in systems and services for brand quality, standards management and related risk management.

We help clients not only to protect their brand through proactive management systems and standards, but also by allowing them to unlock the economic benefits associated with increases in efficiency, quality and productivity.

We deliver bespoke software to more than 80 of the world's best hotel groups to help them maintain standards in all their global sites. Cristal International Standards has customer confidence, safety and trust at its heart. It employs one of the largest groups of quality, standards, hygiene and safety experts in the world, and boasts more than two decades in the field.

We can strengthen your brand by ensuring consistency of quality, standards and risk management in all things you do, no matter how small; from the front desk to water supply and from room cleanliness to food hygiene, in all your hotels, at all times, with no exception. Cristal International Standards gives hoteliers the protection of effective global brand assurance in a highly competitive market.