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Safety is the most important component for any holiday or business trip. Unfortunately, it is a fact that up to 14% of all travelers fall ill whilst on holiday. Families with young children and the elderly should be especially careful. In many tropical destinations, the incidence of travelers' illness is even higher and can reach 50% of all travelers. It is also a fact that 75% of all illnesses suffered by travelers are food related. provides the traveller with as much information as possible to make their holiday a more memorable experience, for the right reasons. All our reports and hotel listings on our website have been verified recently by a real person, visiting a real hotel.

Tour operators globally are required to check the safety and standards of hotels they choose to sell to travelers. They are the agents that provide many hotels with much of their occupancy. TourCheck allows hoteliers to proactively send their safety and risk management status to agents in many different languages, thus increasing enquiries and increasing occupancy.

A TourCheck report integrates information from the following areas: Food Hygiene & Safety, Fire Safety, Pool Safety, General & Beach Safety, Legionella Prevention and Water Safety, Tour Operator Specific Requirements, and more.

CristalCheck provides users with a simple, hand-held, data collection tool for all areas of quality and risk management. Protect your business by improving your decision making in key areas of operation.

CristalCheck gives you the power of knowledge. Whether you need to know if your food hygiene system is operating effectively, or whether your guests experience is satisfactory, CristalCheck has the answer.