Brand & Quality | Ensure Brand Values & Standards Implemented Globally

Brand & Quality

Does your list of business goals include any of the following?

Benchmarking your standards

Quality Service

Global expansion

Operational efficiency

High occupancy rates

A strong, differentiated brand

Your competitors probably have exactly the same list.

Most hotel groups are now facing the same opportunities and challenges in the expanding global marketplace.


Do you always have enough information to hand to answer this question every day?

Are the values and standards you’ve set for your business being implemented at all your hotels around the world?


Of course, many hotels have some checks already in place utilising internal staff auditing standards at individual sites. But do you have time to audit your auditors? What assurances do you have that the data you need is being supplied accurately and quickly with an independent view?

Measurement of corporate standards must be objective, independent, accurate, fair and honest. This way, all staff have clear performance goals and your guests can, in turn, trust you to deliver the quality of service they expect.


Even hotels famed for their high standards cannot take their reputation for granted. It's easy to assume that standards are maintained throughout all facilities or that managers will know of any issues that affect quality.

But what if that’s not the case? If you don’t have clear strategies for every aspect of compliance, you risk the reputation of your business – and even the business itself.

BrandCheck, the flagship product of Cristal International Standards, sets your key brand values in a tailored audit question-set which measures how each hotel in your portfolio is performing. Based on the industry-leading E-Cristal software, it provides hoteliers around the world with real-time reporting to their own specific standards at each of their sites, wherever they are.

In just a few clicks, you can see real-time dashboard reports of which hotels are performing well and which are not. For any that are falling short of standards, BrandCheck provides corrective action points and tracks the required improvements.

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