E-Cristal | Online Health & Safety, Risk Management Audit Tool


Cristal International Standards innovative E-Cristal online tool, to develop a fully integrated health & safety, audit management system for one location or one thousand.

Cristal International Standards use the innovative E-Cristal.com online tool to develop a fully integrated management system that is equally applicable to one location or to one thousand. It seamlessly integrates management system information from as many different standards as necessary, in a simple to use framework that makes real time management of risk not only possible, but practical.

It provides an interface that is tailored to be appropriate at each level within the organisation, including senior management. It provides graphical representations of the data that immediately highlights areas of concern and drill down to the detail. It also enables them to monitor the effectiveness of any changes made in real time. E-Cristal makes managing quality, standards and risk at dispersed, multi-site hotel chains faster and easier to analyse. It also provides a consistent record of checks and corrective action.

Audit Management:

E-Cristal enables data (text and images) to be collated from every aspect of a health & safety audit and allows it to be analysed in order to highlight and prioritise any issues that require further attention. The E-Cristal Audit Management module makes managing risk management and health & safety checks at dispersed, multi-site hotel chains faster, easier to analyse and provides a consistent record of checks. A detailed report and checklist highlighting remedial actions can also be produced on the completion of each audit for compliance and stakeholder activities.

Monitoring & Reporting:

The monitoring and reporting functionality in E-Cristal helps ensure that those responsible for co-ordinating risk management activities are able to focus on monitoring progress and updating health & safety strategies, rather than collecting and sorting data.

Executive System:

This module makes it possible for senior management to identify areas requiring attention, amend corporate policies and implement them quickly and easily. It also enables them to monitor the effectiveness of any changes they make in real time.

Training Management:

The training and knowledge management module also enables senior management to monitor all training activity to ensure that training is consistently delivered across the entire organisation quickly and easily.

Workflow Management:

This module collects information from a variety of sources, including both regularly scheduled, proactive, tasks and ad-hoc remedial activities to create a comprehensive health & safety audit trail that enables senior management to check compliance with corporate policies.


This module is designed to seamlessly integrate the day to day operation of the ECristal system with the requirements of any relevant international, industry or internal standard. The Standards module maps the specific requirements with the functionality and activity within the system that allows for the organisation to both easily identify progress towards achievement and demonstrate compliance to external auditing bodies.

  • Standards Bank - E-Cristal can be used to develop client specific standards that allow for consistent, fast and effective implementation across multiple locations.
  • Progress Reporting - Each standard that is implemented at each site is monitored and a visual record of progress displayed in the system at every level. Once all requirements go green you are operating to the standard and external verification can be obtained.
  • Activity Mapping - Once requirements are specified the system can map and link to activity conducted within the system that satisfies each requirement. Where necessary the system can map to a function that allows users to enter information directly, whether it be a corrective action, document for evidence or even work towards a larger project. This feature allows the work necessary to comply with a standard to be distributed easily throughout the organisation without duplication and where necessary easily monitored or managed in accordance with the standard that it relates to.
Internal Auditing:

The power and simplicity of E-Cristal as an auditing system can be applied to the organisation through its use as an internal auditing tool. This allows for the creation of custom auditing protocols that can be used regularly to track performance and self-assess the need for corrective action.