Guest perception of quality is more often affected by positive or negatives experiences during their stay, than the quality of facilities provided. This means that at every point of the guests journey through the hotel it is essential that management measure how well their standards are performing. BrandCheck is a bespoke module that takes the key points from the brands quality manual and forms the into an objective checklist. This gives branded hotels to peace of mind that the same standards are being delivered in all sites, every day, everywhere.

Module Areas:

Brand Risk Assessment

Ensuring that all foreseeable risks to the brand are identified and where possible eliminated or minimized through systems and procedures that are integrated into the day to day activities of your brand champions.

Brand Standard Consultancy

Where gaps are identified in existing brand standards or where new standards are needed Intertek Cristal has the expertise to assist in the development of these essential elements of your business.

Brand Standard Implementation

Ensuring that the brand standards are consistently implemented across the organization through the use of the E-Cristal system. This technology allows for central development of the brand with easy distribution and control of all locations, no matter how geographically dispersed.

Brand Standard Management & Policy Arrangements

E-Cristal provides an intelligent repository for all brand management related material including the documentation and systems necessary to ensure that every member of the organization has access to the elements of the brand standard that relates to them.

Brand Standard Auditing

Once brand standards have been developed and implemented these can be audited to ensure that all aspects of the brand risk management strategy are operating effectively.

Brand Standard Training

Ensuring that all staff are trained in the aspects of the brand standard that are essential for them to fulfil their part in developing and protecting the brand.

Corrective Action and Task Monitoring

Ensuring that where issues do arise these are dealt with in a controlled system of corrective action and follow up.

Brand Performance Benchmarking

Providing the tools to analyze key performance indicators across the organization and establish both internal and external benchmarks to judge performance against.

Online Auditing

E-Cristal now provides clients with the ability to self-assess through the use of online auditing tools. These online audits seamlessly integrate with those conducted by Intertek Cristal and allow for the strengthening of brand protection through the application of an internal audit program.

Online Forms

E-Cristal also provides a mechanism for key data to be entered directly into the system that when analyzed and compared with other data provides valuable information on the performance of the brand and the effectiveness of measures to protect it.