allows you to effectively track all the components that will ensure your international certification or standard is up to date and relevant at all times.

Module Areas:

Spa Safety Policy

Intertek Cristal includes a number of highly experienced consultants that each have experience of the main international standards and how these apply to your industry. Whether it is determining which standards are most appropriate to you, assisting in the implementation of a standard or the creation of an organizational specific standard, Intertek Cristal can help.

External Standards

StandardsCheck includes details of a number of the most appropriate international standards that may be relevant to you. This repository of information is mapped against the various features and management system components of E-Cristal so that duplication is avoided wherever possible and existing users of E-Cristal are already working towards these standards.

Internal Standards Development

StandardsCheck provides a flexible framework for the development and application of internal standards. Intertek Cristal can work with you to either assist in the development of an internal standard or the integration of existing standards.

Standards Implementation

StandardsCheck makes standard implementation simple. By selecting which standards are applicable to which parts of the organization E-Cristal automatically integrates these standards into the relevant management systems. All of the information and material necessary for the business unit to apply the standard is instantly provided no matter where they are.

Standards Compliance

The unique interface for StandardsCheck allows for a clear indication of how well the standard has been implemented within the business unit and where additional work is required to achieve or maintain the standard in question.

System Integration

StandardsCheck is fully integrated into E-Cristal and where existing elements exist that constitute compliance with the requirements of one or more standard it is automatically referenced within the standard.

Integrated Standards

There is no limit as to the number of standards that can be implemented within StandardsCheck and it is alsopossible to reference between standards where complex multi-level systems are required.